Helpful Pointers for Web Dating


Pondering Over becoming a member of a web based dating site? If you’ve never tried it, the thought can be intimidating like putting your personal info open on the net for anyone to view. Filling out fields, and trying to find a possible dates can be hard work, but it is also very rewarding when it works out. At the beginning setting up your profile is quite a task, but it gives you the possibility to converse with others who are like to you. These are some of the most valuable pointers you can use when chatting up possible daters:

Pick the Right Dating Site for You

In modern times, there are 1000′s of photo personals for any potential lifestyle. Whether you are into sky diving, city life or vacationing. Just by thumbing through a site’s About Us page, you can ascertain the types of daters you will meet there.

Be Careful of Frauds

As you can believe, some characters on dating sites do not have the best goals. As a matter of fact some characters are there solely to steal identities. Just remember, no dating web page will ever ask you for your credit card number or the sorts. In case you ever come across a member asking for this type of personal info, be positive to report it to web advisors the moment it happens.

Use Good Judgement When Meeting Up Face to Face

The entire purpose of doing the involved process of making your membership and chatting with fellow members is to get to know them. But before your initial date you should take a some precautions. With a doubt pick a location that is public. Make sure a family member knows the area where you will meet. And finally never let the date come to your house that first time. Getting to know new daters online can be a fulfilling event for most if they are safe and secure about it.

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Ever think about what exciting trims your woman can experiment on with her beaver? Seeing a attractive, smooth muff is always a marvelous thing, but what if she is willing to more than the bikini line once in awhile. Muff Scaping shows you all of the exciting ways a woman can shave her pubic hair. The graphic time line shows you what designs are dependable and which ones are unreliable that you should be careful of.


It’s a hilarious time line with names and pictures of how the muff is cut. You will see styles such as The Railroad Spike, The Bieber Beaver, The Pubic Hair, The 5’clock Shadow and lots more.  You will even be able to share this playful graphic onto any other blog with the HTML code that is provided on the webpage. Come view Trim Your Muff for the best pictures of the exciting cuts for the muff.


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You don’t need to keep it a secret anymore. There have been times that you lusted after a friend’s girlfriend. It doesn’t make you a bad guy. There is no way you could ever act on your feelings but you can day dream. However, now you can view amateur porn tapes by babes that were in committed relationships… until now. These free EX-GF home movies are submitted to us by people from around the world. There are tons of amateur porn tapes that are mailed in by unforgiving lovers, sex partners and there are times that the verified chicks.

These couples usually go through a bad breakup. Eventually, someone gets hurts and suddenly they’re out for revenge. Usually, it’s the men that submit these videos but even women have been known to send them in. No matter why they decide to send these intimate videos, you can count on one thing. Each on of these ex-girlfriends are extremely sexy. Watch them in these incredible amateur videos and pictures as they have sex with their ex-booty partners. Plus, you get to see it all for free.

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Swinger Mix Local Events

These days those in a relationship are always willing to come across fresh ways to heat up their lives. While looking for a different way those in a relationship are likely to turn to a swingers way of life. As soon as a man and woman turns into a swinger it is a totally different way of life when it comes to the sex department and their companionship. The number of swingers has grown incredibly popular during the last several years and a lot of those in a relationship are loving it.

With SwingerMIX.COM you can easily search for swinger meetings in your city. What you need to do is register, click on search events and then you will be directed to a bulletin of swinger get togethers that are taking place. There is even a tab to select what kind of event you are searching for and what timeframe you desire to attend. This is the only way to receive all of the current information on the most erotic swinger get togethers in your place and it all happens on SwingerMIX.COM.

What’s Up With Malcauley Culkin’s Finger Nails?

Rumors have surfaced that child star of Home Alone- Malcauley Culkin is a big time heroin addict, however, he denies it and says theses are false accusations. He’s even said that he doesn’t dabble with any drugs at all. If this is true, what is up with Malcauley Culkin’s finger nails? Naturally, stained or bruised finger nails do not necessarily imply that “one” is a heroin addict.

His nails are brown, short and appear disturbing as there’s no explanation to his dishevel appearance and possibly severely- nicotine stained finger nails. In the past similar rumors of the star have surfaced but he always manages to dodge the rumor by doing some act that just makes people focus on that rather than on his frail and sickly appearance. Could he possibly be on drugs? Could his break up to Mila Kunis almost a year ago have caused him to go back to old, unhealthy habits?

We might never know as the clever boy of Home Alone knows how to dodge incriminating rumors, though his finger nails hide a tragic story as well as his appearance. Here at Giant Fling Blog we’re major fans of Malcauley Culkin- the Party Monster star, we just hope he doesn’t go out like he did on the Indie flick based on a true story of a party boy in the 90′s with a larger than life addiction to drugs; so big in fact, that it drove him to commit murder. Now, we’re pretty sure Malcauley Culkin is not going to become some homicidal murderer but we were certainly shocked/concerned when we saw some of his latest photos.

Tune into Giant Fling Blog for continuous updates on dating tips, celebrity news and much more!

Official Alexis Texas Biography on Reality Kings

You can’t talk Texas without reference to Alexis Texas. Originally from Texas, she’s a pornstar with a poonani hotter than Austin in the summer time. Naughty blondes like Alexis Texas are scarce. Just peep that rump to see what we mean. And that’s not even talking about her big scrumptious honkers and those beautiful sky blue eyes. So how busty is Alexis Texas? Her boobies measure 34C, with a 27inch midriff and a bootay that is a 40 inhcer. On Reality, she has debuted in Monster Curves and on Extreme Asses. Her sex scenes include threesomes, masturbation and more. For sure Ms. Alexis Texas can be a naughty pornstar that enjoys to have her rump licked. Without a doubt this hottie gets real respect in the trade with her AVN and F.A.M.E. Awards for stuff like Best Female Performer.

Shooting Spree In Colorado Movie Theater During Dark Knight Screening

This is extremely sad news to end the week with. As many Batman fans were enjoying the screening of The Dark Knight Rises, a gunman entered the exit door at the Aurora, Colorado Century 16 Movie Theater around 30 minutes into the film. He began to open fire on the audience killing 12 people and injuring over 40 people. Among those that were taken to the hospital were a 6 year old child and a 3 month old baby. The man has been caught and was identified as James Holmes, 24 year old, to which has no run in with the law since 2011 for a traffic ticket. His motive has been yet identified. At this point whatever his sick reasons are cannot be justified.

The red carpet premiere in Paris, France has been cancelled and no rescheduling. The film at this point seems to still be on to be featured in theaters today, July 20th. Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway and Morgan Freeman are currently in a hotel in Paris, but have not publically released a statement in regards to this tragic day.

Warner Bros. has released a statement earlier today, “Warner Bros. is deeply saddened to learn about this shocking incident. We extend our sincere sympathies to the families and loved ones of the victims at this tragic time.”

A few witnesses have spoken to press about what they experienced during this horrific shooting spree and here is what they had to say:

“They got up and they started to run through the emergency exit, and that when she turned around, she said all she saw was the guy slowly making his way up the stairs and just firing at people, just picking random people. The gunshots continued to go on and on and then after we didn’t hear anything…we finally got up and there was people bleeding, there was people obviously may have been actually dead or anything, and we just ran up out of there, there was chaos everywhere.”

“You just smelled smoke and you just kept hearing it, you just heard bam bam bam, non-stop. The gunman never had to reload. Shots just kept going, kept going, kept going.”

These events are completely uncalled for and are truly sad. Our thoughts and hearts go out to all the family and friends that have lost a loved one and for those that are also injured as well.